Klasen Hi Flow Intake Manifold for Z20 Opel Engines

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Hi Flow Intake Manifold for all Opel’s with Z20LEx engine
( Z20LET , Z20LEL , Z20LER and Z20LEH )
Completely a computer-based design and simulation. Casting ” Made in Germany” .
Same pipe lengths and optimized air distribution throughout the manifold structure
Z20lex Series engines see aa performance increase of 10-30 kW at higher speeds which can be observed ( 6000-7000 U / min ) with a good software tune. With bigger turbo configurations over 50kW plus is possible compared to the stock inlet manifold.
Check out http://www.courtenaysport.co.uk/garrett-upgr…/info_162.html…
I have acquired a batch of Klasen Hi Flow Intake Manifold V1 for Z20lex..Opel Engines and have them at a special price of R6000 (20 in stock). This is a once in a lifetime deal for those of you that used to dream about getting this highly sort after performance mod for your Z20 Opel.

These manifolds can have been used already on the following Precision Race Built and tuned cars and a few more to fitments are coming in the next month.
Ricardo Peters big turbo Astra G OPC 450 wkW (fastest 400m FWD street car currently at 11.4 sec / 215km/h)
Danny Rodrigues Big Turbo Astra H 340wkw ( 256.7km/h on 1km)
Naushaad Harripesad BT Astra H OPC 250wkw
Christo BT Astra H OPC 320wkw
Neval Kanjee BT Astra H opc320wkw ( 251km/h on 1km…12.1 sec 400m )
Akthar Ismail BT Astra H opc 300kww (250km/h on the 1km)
Krishna Naidoo BT Astra H OPC 300wkw
Kali Bekker BT Astra H opc ( being Built to 400wkw)
Reshaad Zaf A OPC stock turbp 220wkw
Sashin Astra H OPC stock turbo 200wkw
Thamu Pillay Astra H OPC stock turbo 205wkw
Thamu Pillay Astra G OPC 240wkw GT28 turbo
Angus Earl Astra H OPC KO6 Hybrid 230 wkw (12.0 sec 400m)

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