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Cars are a necessity, especially in countries like South Africa where public transport isn’t something we can really rely on. This means most people in the working world have a car.
We’re an odd bunch in South Africa though, we adore our cars and make them part of the family. We give them pet names; we treat them better than many other things in our life and we also modify them. By modifying our cars, we tailor them to our specific tastes and this makes them an extension of our personality. This is probably because in other parts of the world cars are much more affordable while here in SA a car is usually the single biggest purchase of an asset a person will make besides buying a house.
So when doing these modifications cars we to the love, it makes sense to use the best possible parts available to us. Using top quality parts not only ensures the OEM reliability of the car stays in place, but it also ensures the safety of the car is upheld. There’s no point carrying out modifications if they’re going to put lives at risk. Also, top quality parts fitted by a reputable workshop will carry a guarantee or warrantee.
Precision Race Technologies is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive range of top quality performance solutions for your car. We cover most of the popular makes but specialise in Opel, Volkswagen and Audi products. Our entire range is made up of only the best of the best brands available both locally and internationally. The range at Precision Race Technologies is also not limited to what you see on the site or in the store – we can help source just about anything you need. Give us a try, you won’t be disappointed.
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