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The Volkswagen range of cars is undoubtedly the most popular in South Africa, especially when it comes to the modifying scene. This is because there’s a VW available to suit the budget of just about anyone who likes cars, from the budget-conscious student with their first Mk1 Golf through to the consummate working professional and his Golf 7R.
Here at Precision Race Technologies we cater for all manner of upgrades and modifications to the entire VW range, starting off with that student’s Mk1 through to the latest generation of turbocharged hatches.
We offer parts from various local and international manufacturers that includes individual throttle body kits, piston kits, clutches, limited slip differentials, intercoolers, suspension kits, software upgrades and even gauges and trim options. Basically if there’s something available for your model Volkswagen, Precision Race Technologies can help.
Precision Race Technologies is your one stop VW performance upgrade shop. Just about every product we sell or source for you can also be fitted for you at the Precision Race Technologies workshop by our team of qualified mechanics. We know the value of your VW and will treat it like the special member of your family that it is. Let us know how we can help you make your Volkswagen truly yours.
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