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Precision Race is the exclusive distributors of Klasen software and  products in South Africa. Please browse www.klasen-motors.com   for the full product range for cars and bikes.
Klasen deals with the development and distribution of products that enhance the performance of your vehicle. Starting from the pure software optimization of the engine electronics, through to complete vehicle modifications for road and competition pretty much any vehicle from, whether petrol, diesel, LPG, natural gas or E85. Products available for Audi, VW, BMW, OPEL, Ford, Lotus.
Klasen is the software engineer for both Precision Race Technologies and Courtenay Sport

How To Buy These Products

  1. Visit the official website www.klasen-motors.com and find the product you are interested in.
  2. Come back to our website and add the url and product name.
  3. We will then contact you to organise payment & delivery
  4. As the official agents for these products, we will match their prices

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