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No matter if you have a stand alone engine management system or a piggy back fuel control, the Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Meter is a must for a serious tuner!  Finally you can tune for more power, closer to the edge, precisely monitoring Air/Fuel ratio Boost, EGT, RPM and throttle position data logging up to 9 hours of data with a blazing rate of 74 samples per seconds per graph.

Zeitronix also offers an Ethanol content analyser.  They offer new Flow Through Flex Fuel Sensor as a part of ECA Kit, which includes the Ethanol Content Analyzer (ECA), Flow Through Flex Fuel Sensor and ECA Harness with a correct connector. ECA Kit can be purchased directly from our order page.

Zeitronix also offers the nDAsh OBD data logger. Full OBDII support for display of parameters such as Mass Air Flow, Spark Advance, Coolant Temperature, and many more!  (OBDII is not required for use with the Zt-2.) Also read and clear ECU error codes. Log all this data and play back on excel.

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